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Toyota Financial Services at Stoltz Toyota

Stoltz Toyota of Dubois offers the BEST financing options available for our customers. Our team of in-house financial consultants work EXTRA hard, hand in hand with the largest and most competitive banks to be sure you receive the truly competitive rate. So before you visit your local bank, LET US WORK FOR YOU!

Here at Stoltz Toyota, we understand that your vehicle is a big financial investment. We want to make sure that you get the vehicle you love and that you can afford, as well as services that will help protect your investment for years to come.

To learn more about our Toyota Financial Services, watch this video or learn more about some financing options below.



Experience the Freedom of Ownership

Ownership translates into no mileage limits, no end date defining when you must return the vehicle and no concerns about end-of-lease obligations. Toyota Financial Savings (TFS) offers a number of financing plans to help get you on your way.

Finance Programs

Plan to keep your Toyota for a while? Drive more than 15,000 miles a year? Or just want the thrill of ownership? Get the details of the Toyota Financial Services (TFS) Finance Program.

Finance your vehicle through Toyota Financial Services and you can expect the same high standards that you associate with Toyota vehicles. When shopping for a Toyota, ask us about financing through TFS.3

Finance Terms

  • All new Toyotas and current through five-year-old Toyota Certified Used Vehicles (TCUVs) are eligible.
  • 24- to 72-month contract terms are available (TCUV terms depend on vehicle age).

Your monthly payment will depend on:

  • The vehicle you select
  • Annual Percentage Rate
  • Length of finance term
  • Amount of down payment
  • Amount you finance

Understanding how your payment is calculated

We frequently receive questions from customers trying to figure out their payments and what they owe. Click here to read the simple interest finance contract brochure to learn how your payments are calculated.

Drive the Toyota of Your Dreams

People change. Vehicles change. What if you could drive a new Toyota every few years without the hassle of selling or trading in your vehicle? Our lease programs give you the freedom to change, with monthly payments that are typically lower than if you were to buy a vehicle.

Lease Program Details

Leasing can offer the best of all worlds - the vehicle you want, at a monthly payment that's typically more affordable than buying. Toyota Financial Services' leasing programs help make it happen.

With a lease, you may pay less cash upfront and enjoy lower monthly payments than you would if you were financing your vehicle. You also have the flexibility of turning the vehicle in at the end of your lease, without having to worry about selling your vehicle at the end of the lease.

We offer 24-60 month lease terms on new Toyotas and qualified Toyota Certified Vehicles. (Toyota Certified Used Vehicle terms depend on vehicle age). Click here to read more about our Lease Programs.

  • Costs at lease signing - The amount you pay at lease signing may be lower than the amount you pay at the beginning of a finance contract. This amount may include the following:
    • first month's payment
    • acquisition fee
    • refundable security deposit
    • taxes and fees
    • capitalized cost reduction (similar to down payment)
  • Purchase option - You'll have the option to purchase your lease vehicle during the lease or at lease-end.1
  • Mileage limits - The total allowable mileage disclosed on the lease agreement is calculated by dividing the number of months in the term by 12 and multiplying this amount by 15,000 (standard lease) or 12,000 (low mileage lease). For example, a standard lease with a 36 month term is calculated as follows: 36 month term divided by 12 = 3 years; 3 years multiplied by 15,000 miles = 45,000 total allowable miles.1
  • Excessive wear and use - Normal wear and use on a vehicle is inevitable, but if the damage is considered excessive at lease-end, you may be held financially responsible. The TFS Excess Wear & Use Protection Plan can help.
  • Disposition fee - A disposition fee will be applied at lease end (on lease contracts signed after January 3, 2011) to help cover the costs to dispose of or sell the vehicle. The fee will be waived on the existing lease for qualifying customers who return to lease or finance their next eligible vehicle with TFS through the Toyota dealer.2
  • Early termination charge - If you terminate your lease early, you will be required to pay an early termination charge. This amount may be substantial.1
  • Tax benefits - If you use your lease vehicle for business, you should consult with your tax advisor regarding potential tax benefits.

Lease-End Options

Rest assured that at the end of your lease, you have options. You can elect to:

  1. Lease a new Toyota or
  2. Purchase your current Toyota

Regardless of which option you choose, Toyota Financial Services will help guide you through the process every step of the way. For more information about your lease-end options as well as what you can expect at the end of your lease, click here to review our Lease-End brochure.

[1] This information will be disclosed in your lease agreement. See your lease agreement for details.

[2] Offer to waive the disposition fee for qualifying customers in good standing with TFS who purchase/lease a new or certified used Toyota or Scion or a new or certified pre-owned Lexus within 30 days of lease return.

[3] Finance, lease, vehicle and payment protection products are available through participating Toyota dealers and Toyota Financial Services. Finance programs available on credit approval. Not all applicants will qualify. Programs may not be available in all areas. Programs are subject to change or termination at any time. Please see your Toyota dealer regarding finance terms, restrictions, state eligibility and program compatibility. Toyota Financial Services is a service mark used by Toyota Motor Credit Corporation, Toyota Lease Trust and Toyota Motor Insurance Services, Inc.